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Hooey 1 Tara Hooey Laura Fauteux WRIT 140: 64635 17 April 2007 Assignment 5 Evolve “I’m finally waking up” (DiFranco l . 8). As we grow older, our lives grow busier. As we become busier, we tend to lose sight of what is going on outside our own lives. In the blink of an eye, our childhood is gone and with it our humbleness and appreciation for the small things in life. We become preoccupied with careers, money, and conformity when what we really need to do is stop and reevaluate what is actually important in life. Although we have coined the phrase “stop and smell the roses,” we have yet to listen to our own advice because people are still too caught up in their own lives to notice what is going on around them. Ani DiFranco’s song, “Evolve,” is a musical tale that reminds society to take note of the reality they are living in. DiFranco effectively uses her lyrical poetry to explain humanity’s problem with sheltered conformity and inspires her listeners to change for the better. The lyrics specifically explain DiFranco’s message to society using both direct references and clever metaphors. The lyrics tell us to step outside the boundaries of our individual lives and observe our environment because if we are more aware of the world around us, we may be able to slow down and make a difference in society. The general population is just one of many topics that DiFranco sings about. She started singing as a teenager in Buffalo, New York, and flourished from there. Free to write and sing
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Hooey 2 whatever she pleases under her label, Righteous Babe Records, her unique sound and inspiring lyrics have touched the hearts and minds of millions. DiFranco sings about real life experiences ranging from “romance, the politics of family life, the choices she [watches] her friends make, and the general state of things in her hometown and her country […].” Her funky sound brings in the crowd and her meaningful lyrics keep them coming back for more, and her song “Evolve” is no exception. It is obvious that this song, like many others, was written to reach out to society and make a statement. DiFranco’s “Evolve” is an effective effort in speaking to people and encouraging them to take action for the benefit of themselves and those around them. (“DiFranco”) Many people think they benefit from concentrating solely on their own life and not worrying about the lives of others. Yet in many of these cases people fall victim to the safe, comfortable feeling of their mundane home and daily schedule. Once acquainted with a routine, people get sucked into the cycle of careers, money, and personal activities. As the cycle continues, people pay less attention to the world around them and begin to focus more on their
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writ 5 - Hooey 1 Tara Hooey Laura Fauteux WRIT 140: 64635...

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