Principles of Research

Principles of Research - Pr i nci pl es of Resea r ch Consi...

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Unformatted text preview: Pr i nci pl es of Resea r ch Consi der your mai n topi c, your audi ence, and the i deas you i ntend to di scuss Ask your sel f the fol l owi ng questi ons: D eter mining T he Kinds of Suppor ting M ater ial You'll N eed What suppor t does your topi c r equi r e? What does your audi ence need to know? Whi ch for m of suppor t wi l l be most effecti ve for your topi c? H ow objecti ve i s your suppor ti ng mater i al ? Pr imar y and Secondar y Sour ces Pr i mar y sour ces eyewi tness and fi r sthand accounts Secondar y sour ces: Accounts based on other sour ces of i nfor mati on Sour ces of Suppor ting M ater ials The El ectr oni c Wor l d: The el ectr oni c car d catal og offer ed by your col l ege or uni ver si ty, CD-Rom sear ches, and r esear ch on the web The Pr i nt Wor l d: Newspaper s, magazi nes, year books, encycl opedi as, documents and r epor ts, books, and bi ogr aphi es The Face-to-Face Wor l d: I nfor mati onal i nter vi ew to obtai n answer s to speci fi c questi ons and i ncr ease under standi ng of your topi c to avoi d mi si nfor mi ng Plagiar ism Pl agi ar i sm i s defi ned as "the unauthor i zed use or cl ose i mi tati on of the l anguage and thoughts of another author and the r epr esentati on of them as one's own or i gi nal wor k." ( http:/ / di cti onar y.r efer br owse/ pl agi ar i sm ) Even par aphr ased i deas or documents must be acknowl edged Common knowl edge does not have to be ci ted Whether i ntenti onal or not, i t can have ser i ous consequences So just don't do i t...! ...
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