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Toy Critique - Play Doh

Toy Critique - Play Doh - Play-Doh Many toy manufacturers...

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Play-Doh 2 Many toy manufacturers claim that their products are both fun and educational, but how many of them actually are just what they claim to be? The now Hasbro-owned Play-Doh is just that- capturing both the attention and the minds of parents, teachers, and children alike. Since 1956, Play-Doh has been and will continue to be one of the world’s most educationally fun toys in production today. Play-Doh is like inexpensive modeling clay that everyone can afford, and is just as fun. It comes in every color of the rainbow and more, and can be bought alone or in playsets and creativity kits. Its function cannot really be described; it is whatever you want it to be and whatever your imagination lets it be. Fun for all ages, Play-Doh can be everything from an educational toy for a young child to stress relief for an older adult. My siblings and I range in age from three to eighteen, and we all own at least one canister of Play-Doh. My brother likes to roll it up into little balls and mix the colors together, and my sister and I have both used it in school projects.
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