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1. “Barbarian Virtues” written by matthew frye Jacobson. Big contradiction because a lot of immigrants were coming here. The US wanted to go civilize the other countries so they could like them and sell their consumer products to them. People didn’t want to be civilized though. 2. “The Lost Cause” (white supremacist vision of Reconstruction) the end of slavery did not mean black equality. Myth of “negro rule”. Violence could undo the empowerment of blacks. The southern defeat had been a noble one in the service of the lost cause of white supremacy. 3. Muckrakers Muckrakers were a new form a journalism that gave a certain exposure to the world that other journalists had never wrote about. President Theodore Roosevelt coined this new term, Muckrakers, because it’s someone who “raked the mud of society and never looked up”. Jacob Riis was one example of these muckrakers who wrote about the slum housing patterns, sweatshops and saloons. The key innovator of this time though was S.S. McClure who was a Midwestern editor that brought his magazine “McClure’s” into circulation. This magazine encompassed different article topics such as Ida Tarbell writing on John D. Rockefeller’s unfair business practices. Another example was Upton Sinclair’s novel, The Jungle, that exposed the filthy sanitation in the stockyards and the meatpacking industry. Ultimately this led to a movement of promoting intellectual reform on a national level. People began to challenge different ideas and created new theories of education, law, economics. 4. Frederick Jackson Turner one of the most influential historians. Born in portage, Wisconsin in 1861. Went to the university of Wisconsin and decided to become a professional scholar. His experience of the frontier makes US history different. He described the frontier as the line between savagery and civilzation. The frontier in his description fueled American life. His assumptions were that the west was free and rugged. He believed that individualism was the key to survival and success. The west was exceptional, there was something
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fundamentally different about the American west. 5. Haymarket Square Riot
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hist129midterm - 1. "Barbarian Virtues" written by matthew...

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