Study Guide Exam 1 Psych 104 spring 2007

Study Guide Exam 1 Psych 104 spring 2007 - Adoption Studies...

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Psych 104 Study Guide Exam #1 Module 2-3 Theory Hypothesis Operational Definition Replication How hindsight bias is a problem with psychology students Types of Data collection Methods Correlational Studies Direction and Strength of relationship Problems with 3 Interpretations Experimental Studies Independent and Dependent Variables Random Sample External Validity Random Assignment Internal Validity Bias and Blinding Ethical Issues in Research Balancing Goals Informed Consent Deception Debriefing Modules 4 and 5 Parts of a Neuron Dendrite, axon, myelin sheath, synaptic gap How neurotransmitters work Serotonin Dopamine Acetylcholine Areas of the brain thalamus Cerebellum Amygdale Hypothalamus Medulla Hippocampus Corpus callosum
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Modules 6-7 Define: Temperament Be Able to Describe: Twin Studies Procedures and problems
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Unformatted text preview: Adoption Studies When/How are adoptee’s more like their biological or adoptive parents? Modules 12, 13, 16, & 17 Sensation and Perception Absolute Threshold Subliminal Threshold Priming Category Salience Difference Threshold Signal Detection Theory Sensory Adaptation Selective Attention Inattentional Blindness Change Blindness Form Perception- figure/ ground Grouping- proximity/ similarity/ continuity/ connectedness/ closure Depth Perception- Visual Cliff experiment Binocular Cues- Retinal Disparity/ Convergence Monocular Cues- Relative Size/ Interposition/ Linear Perspective/ Phi Phenomenon Is perception inborn or shaped by experience? Examples based on restored vision experiments. Perceptual Sets Context Effects...
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Study Guide Exam 1 Psych 104 spring 2007 - Adoption Studies...

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