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Rights To have a right to x is to have a claim to control x, no matter what others want. Rights can conflict. The idea is that you have a right to do whatever you want/say what you want, regardless of what people think. There are time plae and manner restrictions on rights. Two big questions: 1. What justifies a claim that someone has a right to something? 2. What rights are we justified in claiming that persons in fact have? Locke on Property Rights God gave the Earth to persons in common for their common benefit and use. We each have a property right in our own bodies. --Therefore also a property right in our labor. Common property that god has given us must be appropriate to become useful. Relies very heavily on the claim that we own the world. (look online at Locke’s arguments for property rights) He says a common hunting ground is useless. Limitations on the Right of Appropriation -Must not waste. If we allow things to spoil then we are taking more than we can use. This goes
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Unformatted text preview: against the justification of appropriation.-Land that is appropriated must be improved. (section 32)another passage pg. 313passage-must leave enough and as good for others Labor Theory of Value-Only labor can create value-Can reckon value of ting by adding up labor required to produce it.-Theory held by a lot of economic thinkers from the 15 th to 19 th century.-Labor creates a greater stock of goods, and allows appropriation within the proviso: leave enough for others Money-Because it does not spoil, it allows us to hoard wealth without violating the proviso: do not waste (made out of durable materials)-Question: does a failure to invest money wisely constitute a kind of waste? Origin of Inequality No great inequality in state of nature Money allows hoarding, which allows some to collect more than others Inequalities that are created by labor are morally justifiable...
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