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The Yalta Conference This was a major WWII Conference between the allied leaders of Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the U.S. Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin in Crimean resort on the Black Sea. At the conference they were to discuss the final defeat and occupation of Nazi Germany. They had decided that Germany would be split up into different groups and be run by other stronger countries. Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt came to a compromise on conditions. Churchill and Roosevelt thought that Stalin would hold up his end of the compromise to have true democratic elections but instead he turned the countries into communist countries. Each country, the Soviet Union, Britain and the US were going to monitor and claim different areas to protect against any future German aggression. This is significant in history because this conference was held to establish the democratic elections in countries and Stalin did not follow through with what he had said. As a result, the countries were turned into communist countries and the overall goal of “democratic elections” was nothing more than just a beautiful idea for those countries. Huey Long He was Louisiana’s flamboyant backcountry orator. He captured Louisiana’s governorship in 1928 by attacking the states oil industry and calling for a radical redistribution of wealth. He improved public education, roads, medical care, and other public services. He was then elected to the senate. He came with National ambitions that would soon prove disastrous to FDR. He originally supported FDR’s “New Deal” but then he broke away and organized his own campaign with the slogan of “Every Man A King”. He organized the “Share Our Wealth Society” which would help to limit the size of peoples fortunes. He was going to run as a 3 rd party candidate and was projected to bring in at least 3 to 4 million votes due to his ideas of spreading the wealth. He was assassinated by a political enemy, which prevented Huey’s 3 rd party candidacy. This is significant in history because his campaign would’ve been disastrous to FDR if it were followed through. He was the one man that was able to get peoples attention and support. As a result, FDR won the election and his beliefs and the New Deal were implemented in society. Works Progress Administration This administration was led by Harry Hopkins and was authorized in April of 1935. It put unemployed workers back to work on public projects like construction projects. It employed thousands of jobless artists, musicians, actors and writers. Until President Roosevelt issued his executive order in 1935, there was discrimination in the WPA projects. They paid minimum wages of twelve dollars per week, which helped African Americans to survive. This is significant in history because it created jobs for all of these people in addition to white-collar workers that could not get jobs at the time. It was a new movement that offered possibilities to people. Double V Campaign
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HISTmid2 - The Yalta Conference This was a major WWII...

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