PHILreligion&democracy - Fundamental conflicts between...

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Fundamental conflicts between democracy and Confucianism -Rights Confucianism believed in benevolence rather than rights. -Duty vs. Liberty Confucianism holds up duty. -Loyalty vs. Liberty Confucianism upholds Loyalty. -Equality vs. ideal of gentleman (who is a superior man) -Unity vs. Plurality Confucianism are linked to unity, democratic beliefs are through plurality. Possible Resolutions 1- Confucianism without democracy 2- Democracy without Confucianism 3- Confucianism minus its undemocratic values 4- Peaceful coexistence of Confucianism. Taoism, Buddhism and democracy. Is religion compatible with democracy? Three possible relations between political and religious authority: 1- political authority comprehensive 2- Religious authority dominates political 3- Political and religious authority coexists How can we avoid religious violence? --Must first understand the nature of religion and tendencies to violence. Religion differs along three dimensions
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PHILreligion&democracy - Fundamental conflicts between...

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