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Geography Key Word List - Geography Key Word List What is...

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Geography Key Word List What is Geography? The study of the surface of the Earth of the forms that make up that and the surface of the processes that produce those forms and of the history and of the distribution of those forms and processes. Erathosthenes 273-192 BC He is the first guy who coined the word Geography. Geo meaning Earth and Graphe meaning description. Sumerians Created the first maps in 2700 BC Form Repetitive association of traits. Example: circular areas of wheat or soy Process A repetitive cause and effect relationship where by 2 or more recurrant forms are yearly (and may be related) Distribution The position, arrangement or frequency of occurants over an area. Eclectic Not following any one system, a combination of many Sight vs. Situation Sight is where you are. Situation is everyone around you Areal association Things associated are often causely related Areal differentation When are you in the south? When are you in the north? Etc. Arial integration How areas interact with one another Spatial perspective unique Graphic scale A line marked off with distances that remains the same if enlarged or reduced Fractional scale Expressed as a fraction or ratio of the distance on the map and the same distance on the earth Large scale Large fraction or ratio that covers a small surface of the earth Small scale Small fraction or ratio that covers a large surface of the earth Formal regions Displays a measurable and often visible internal homogeneity because they are constructed using one specific trait. Example: death valley Functional regions Are marked by their functional integration and are defined. Example: city, state, etc. Vernacular regions A region that is perceived to exist with vague fuzzy borders used by the general public to define an area. State A politically organized territory that is administered by sovereign government recognized by the international community. Today there are about 200 states. There are 6800 languages worldwide. 60% are indigenous languages 250-600 million. Only about 3000 languages have less than 2500 speakers only about 250 languages have greater than 1 million speakers globalization the increasing inter-connectedness of people and places through converging processes of economic, political and cultural change converging processes a global communications system that links all parts of the world.
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International capitalism Has financial institutions w/ 24 hour trading. With international managers and execustives Trickle down These benefits are said to enrich even the poorest. Free market capitalism Replace state controlled ones Diversity Diversity has to be dealt with among the states. Should be examined with the concept of globalization. Globalization
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Geography Key Word List - Geography Key Word List What is...

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