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I) Meaningful Play A) Descriptive 1) The mechanism by which all games create meaning through play (a) The relationship between player and action system outcome (b) Process by which player takes action in a game (c) The meaning of the action resides in the relationship between action and outcome B) Evaluative 1) Why some games provide more meaningful play than others (a) The relationships between actions and outcomes are both discernable and integrated (b) Discernable – player can perceive the immediate outcome of an action (c) Integration – the outcome of the action is woven into the game system as a whole II) Design – process by which a designer creates a context to be encounters by a participant which meaning emerges A) Semiotics is the study of meaning, concerned with the question of how signs represent or denote 1) A sign represents something other than itself (a) A “tap” means a kill 2) Signs are interpreted (a) Different to the people, or one playing, what he takes it as 3) Meaning results when a sign is interpreted (a) Meaning in some respect or capacity to the player 4) Context shapes interpretation (a) Context – environment of a sign that affects interpretation (b) Structure – set of rules of how signs are interpreted III) Systems – a set of parts that interrelate to form a complex whole A) Objects – parts, elements or variables in the system B) Attributes – qualities or properties of the system and its objects C) Internal relationships – relations among the objects D) Environment – context that surrounds the system E) Formal – system of rules - closed F) Cultural - ________ - open G) Experimental - ________ - open or closed IV)Interactivity – when a player interacts with the game, meaningful play emerges
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Exam 1 Notes - I) Meaningful Play A) Descriptive 1) The...

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