Exam 2 Notes - Joe Masilotti Game Design Test#2 Study Sheet...

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Joe Masilotti Game Design Test #2 Study Sheet I) Defining Rules A) Inner formal structure of games B) Not the experience of play (changing the appearance doesn’t affect rules) C) Strategy is not rules, they help players D) Intrinsically artificial from “real-world” contexts E) General Characteristics 1) Limit player action 2) Explicit and unambiguous 3) Shared by all players 4) Fixed 5) Binding 6) Repeatable II) Rules on Three Levels A) Constitutive Rules 1) Abstract, core mathematical rules of a game, essential game logic B) Operational Rules 1) “Rules of play” printed out rules in game booklet 2) some implicit could be this if written C) Implicit rules 1) “Unwritten rules” etiquette, behavior, unstated D) Formal identity 1) Relationship between constitutive and operational rules 2) Can distinguish between games 3) Specifically, this game and that game E) Translation 1) Magic circle is context, formal meaning of the game emerges F) Elegant Rules 1) Focus on experience of play rather than on the logic of the rules 2) Discernable and integrated outcomes into all three levels of rules III) The Rules of Digital Games A) Rules associated with actions and outcomes 1) Take player input and determine output B) Functioning of formal game logic (tetris next brick) C) Only in some games the sound and video affect the formal structure D) Constitutive Rules
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Exam 2 Notes - Joe Masilotti Game Design Test#2 Study Sheet...

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