essay 2 - oil spills

essay 2 - oil spills - 1 NRCC 150 February 28, 2008 Oil...

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NRCC 150 February 28, 2008 Oil Spills Oil spills in our world today are a catastrophe and it can really hurt the ocean and other environments. Oil spills can happen frequently (very large spills every few years) and they can drastically make an impact on nature’s world. Now that we understand what a large problem it is, governments and scientists around the world are trying to figure out how to clean and how to prevent spills from happening again. The Gulf War Oil Spill is considered to be one of the biggest oil spills in human history. It was believed to be caused as a diversion by the Iraqi’s against the United States in order to stop them from coming into the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War. No one is sure of the exact amount that was spilled, but it is believed to be anywhere between 2-11 million gallons of oil leaked into the ocean. (What Happened To The GULF) A study by different countries involved in the mass oil exchange said that long term damage is not probable because half of the oil evaporated, a million barrels were recovered, and 2-3 million barrels washed ashore. (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia 2008) Although people would not assume that there are many oil spills because it is not on the news frequently, there still are many. It is said to be an average of about 70 spills
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essay 2 - oil spills - 1 NRCC 150 February 28, 2008 Oil...

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