PSY 113- diversity paper

PSY 113- diversity paper - Katie Loh March 7, 2008...

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Katie Loh March 7, 2008 Psychology 113 Diversity Paper During Black History Month, I attended the 13 th Annual Speech on Multicultural which was “Race, Gaming, Youth, and the Digital Paradigm Shift.” This was held in the Chaffee Science Center. At the center, there was a guest speaker named Doctor Anna Everett who talked about how video games are changing our society. In the beginning of her lecture, she had a power point on all the different videogames that were disturbing to her and our society. For example, the videogame “Urban Conquest” featured African Americans shooting others making it seem that that particular race is aggressive and violent. There are also other videogames like “Heroine and Ethnic Cleansing” with is another violent game that features hate. There are a lot of videogames like these such as “Imperialism,” “Ready to Rumble,” “Tekken Tag Tournament,” and Redneck Rampage.” Some researchers think that playing these videogames could possibly be training for young afro-geek gamers. Researchers also think that the boy culture is constructed around videogames, because they are
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PSY 113- diversity paper - Katie Loh March 7, 2008...

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