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COM- reflection paper - Difficult People in My Life Katie...

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Difficult People in My Life Katie Loh April 18, 2008 ~ 1 ~
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around them. The person that drives me insane the most is my friend, Kylie’s friend Marissa. Kylie lives right next to me in my hall. She is the nicest person in the world, but I can’t say that for her best friend Marissa. Marissa is a snobby girl who gets whatever she wants. I met Marissa in the beginning of the school year when she was invited to Kylie’s room to hang out. At first I thought she was alright, because I always try to find the best in people. After hanging out with her more and more I began to see the real girl. She’s the kind of person where if she doesn’t want to do something then the people around her aren’t a loud to do it either and have no choice but to go along with her. Recently, I was hanging out with my guy friends down the hall and Kylie and Marissa had nothing to do. I felt bad for Kylie so I got over my feelings toward Marissa and invited them. When they came into the room, the guys were finishing up there videogame. When she came into the room, she saw only that the boys were playing videogames for the night and whispered to Kylie, “This is lame let’s leave.” After they left, we all looked at each other knowing what she said. We all just rolled our eyes and had a really fun night. It’s her fault she didn’t want to stay a little longer to have a good time; oh well. After that experience I can now say Marissa is one of the only people who I don’t want to be around and that rarely occurs in my life. Marissa and I only communicate through nonverbal communication , because she never tries to talk to me and when I try, I always get a one response answer. Therefore I stopped trying a while ago. By definition, “ Nonverbal communication is all forms of communication other than words themselves; includes inflection and other vocal qualities as well as several other behaviors” (Wood G-5). One type of nonverbal communication is physical appearance . ~ 2 ~
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COM- reflection paper - Difficult People in My Life Katie...

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