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Marjan Ebrahimi Proff. Magnuson WRT 104 2/19/08 Summary “Of Booker T. Washington and Others” Throughout “Of Booker T. Washington and Others”, W.E.B Du Bois creates a sort of “time line” of incidents that happened during the time of revolution against slavery. The intended audience for this piece of writing is black society and others who fought for black rights and freedoms. This essay discusses how Booker T. Washington and others fought for the rights of the American Negro. It explains how different people had different ideas and tactics. The author also criticizes Mr. Washington because his strategy is not really possible. Mr. Washington believes that the American Negroes should give up fighting for: political power, insistence on civil rights, and higher education of Negro youth. Instead, he believes that they should focus their attention on industrial education. However, Mr. Washington does not realize that this can’t be possible without having people of higher education to teach the industrial classes, and he wants to limit the advancement of higher
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Booker T - Marjan Ebrahimi Proff Magnuson WRT 104...

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