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Marjan Ebrahimi Joe Kidawski THE 100, Section 01/AM 4/22/08 The overall purpose of a tech rehearsal is to put all the pieces of the show together and see how everything runs together. Also, the purpose is to find and fix any problems or issues and make sure everything runs smoothly. The stage manager is the person who runs the tech rehearsal. He or she is physically located at the back of the house above everyone else. The sound board and light board operators are located at the same spot as the stage manager. The stage manager calls “hold” when he or she needs the actors to stop what they’re doing so he or she can ask questions or make changes. The stage manager calls “actors go” when he or she wants the actors to start again, either where they left off or from a different queue. The director gives input when asked a question or when something is wrong. He or she gives their opinion and points out mistakes or problems. The set and prop people are setting up the stage and handing out props to actor
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Unformatted text preview: and actresses who need them during the tech. During the tech the management people are doing several different things. The left assistant stage manager must sweep the stage before the show and keep people back stage quiet during the show. The right assistant stage manager lets actors know their queues and when they’re up, and to also keep people backstage quiet. The head stage manager runs the show. The costume people are going around making sure everyone knows what they’re wearing and has their costumes during the tech. A “cue to cue” tech is when the rehearsal moves from one cue to another, and not the whole play is rehearsed, just bits and pieces. The tech rehearsal was quite successful. We covered a lot of scenes and fixed a lot of problems. Most of the play was covered, and now everyone knows what to do on the actual day of the show....
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