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Marjan Ebrahimi Professor Magnuson WRT 104, section 0038 4/15/08 Post-write for Project 4—Arguing a Position 1. Was finding a topic to research more difficult than you thought? How did you go about finding a topic? Yes, it was much more difficult than I though it would be. I changed my research topic numerous times. I originally wanted to argue that the Drinking age should be lowered to 18, however there was not an adequate amount of scholarly sources. So, after researching several different topics, I decided to argue a position on sex education. 2. What did you do in order to narrow your topic to a specific issue? What is your thesis? In order to narrow my topic to a specific issue I answered the questions on the handout given in class. My specific issue is that abstinence-only sex education does not work. My thesis statement is that sex education in high schools must be altered and re-evaluated in order to be more effective and informative towards teenagers today.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Who is your audience? How did you argue your position in order to make it more appropriate for your specific readers? My audience is the Board’s of Education for high schools nation wide. In order to make my argument more appropriate for my audience I used many statistics, scholarly and credible sources, included a table, and stated proven facts. 4. What questions did you ask yourself in order develop and refine your research? Questions I asked my self in order to develop and refine my search were: what causes teen pregnancy?; what causes teens to have sex at an early age?; why is abstinence-only sex ed non-effective?; why s sex ed important?; when should educators introduce sex ed to students?; where should sex ed be taught?; who should teach adolescents about sex?; how should sex ed be taught and introduced?; and would sex ed be more effective if taught in a more modern way?...
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