entry 4 - to produce something resembling intellectual...

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Marjan Ebrahimi Entry 4- Impressions of “Disliking Books at an Early Age” 2/14/08 The author’s purpose in “Disliking Books at an Early Age” is to reach out to students, teachers, and critics. This piece is broken up into four parts. First he talks about how and why he didn’t like books when he was a kid. Then he goes on to discuss how he became interested in books. Thirdly, he talks about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn . Then he begins discussing the positives and negatives of analytical reading. Lastly he talks about criticism. The author’s main claim is that literature teachers do not actually teach literature, they teach criticism. When a teacher is presenting a literary work to his students, he makes remarks and analytical comments. So, students feel that they should use critical language when talking about texts. Graff says “ Inevitably the students who do well in school and college are those who learn to talk more or less like their teachers, who learn
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Unformatted text preview: to produce something resembling intellectual speak. Graff uses the rhetorical appeal logos when discussing why some people like reading and why others dont. I think he chose this appeal because it makes the reading more believable and convincing. Logos affects the different audiences in different ways. For the students and teachers, it helps them relate to what the author is talking about. For the critics, logo gives them facts to understand better. Some logical fallacies are hasty generalizations. For example, Graff just makes statements and concludes on them even though theyre not necessarily true or proven. He also uses bandwagon appeals in the beginning when talking about why he didnt like books as a child. He would have been considered a sissy if he liked books, so e had o act like everybody else, and not like books....
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entry 4 - to produce something resembling intellectual...

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