Entry3 log - it was almost funny, then goes on to explain...

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Marjan Ebrahimi Entry 3- Impressions of “Proficiency” January 31, 2008 Shannon Nichols wrote “Proficiency” for her first year college writing course. Nichols was prompted to write this narrative by her professor who gave her the assignment. The author makes her points very clear throughout the story. She is frustrated by the Ohio state proficiency test, and does not understand why she repeatedly fails the writing section when she knows she is a great writer. What I do not understand however, is why Nichols did not write to the graders of the proficiency test in order to see what she was doing wrong? She explains that the state of Ohio does not give an explanation for their scores, but they should, considering this test determines whether or not someone can receive their high school diplomas. Why didn’t she take action if it bothered her so much? The author’s objective was to get out her frustrations and anger toward the Ohio state proficiency test. She begins by explaining how she failed the first time, and thought
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Unformatted text preview: it was almost funny, then goes on to explain how she failed the second time and began crying, and finally describes how she barely passed the third time. Here, she is also using the rhetorical device of organization. Nichols also uses dialog as a rhetorical device, “ Writing! Yeah Right! How did I manage to fail writing, and by half a point, no less?” (Nichols, 28). This quote helps the reader understand the author’s shock. The significance of this passage is exposed when Nichols declares her loss of love for reading and writing, “After I failed the test the first time, I began to hate writing, and I started to doubt myself,” (Nichols, 28). The intended audience is her fellow classmates and professor. This reading reminds me of al the state exams I had to part take in throughout all my years of schooling. No matter how smart a person is or how much effort they put into those exams, one is always disappointed with the results....
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Entry3 log - it was almost funny, then goes on to explain...

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