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interpersonal paper - 3/10/08 Marjan Ebrahimi 27 Dresses...

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3/10/08 Marjan Ebrahimi 27 Dresses COM 100 MWF 11
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Ebrahimi 2 Communication is how people create friendships, enemies, love, and much more. Through hypothetical thought, symbolic activities, meaning, dual perspective, scripts, etc. we interact with one another and form various relationships. These principles and theories can be found in several different places, but it is especially easy to find them in a movie. Thus, I have chosen the film 27 Dresses to exemplify the different aspects of the communication discipline. 27 Dresses focuses on a young woman, Jane, who has been a bridesmaid for twenty- seven different weddings. The movie explains Jane’s obsession with weddings from a young age. Since age nine she has loved to help people get married, yet by helping all these people she has no time to help herself. At one point, Jane attempts to attend two weddings in one night. She believes she can go unnoticed, however; a probing journalist, Kevin Doyle, catches her in the act. Kevin instantly begins to investigate, and finds more than he bargained for. After discovering the insane amount of weddings Jane has participated in, Kevin begins to write an article about her. Jane is in love with her boss, George, however, he only sees her as his assistant. When Jane’s sister, Tess, comes home for a visit from Europe things seem to take a turn for the worst. George and Tess fall immediately in love, leaving Jane heartbroken. When Jane discovers that her sister has infatuated George only through lies, she is torn between telling him the truth and keeping her sister happy. In the beginning of the movie, Jane gives an example of hypothetical thought . This is the ability to think about experiences and ideas that are not a part of one’s concrete, present situation. She describes a memory from the past; fixing her aunt’s torn wedding dress just
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interpersonal paper - 3/10/08 Marjan Ebrahimi 27 Dresses...

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