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I have chosen the story The Frog King. At first the Princess seems really nice and well mannered. She is an innocent young girl who has lost her ball and wants it back. When the frog offers to help, she agrees that she will give him whatever he wants if he gets her ball. However, as the story goes on, the princess’ true colors come out. The princess promises to love, play with, and sleep with the frog. This is a very provocative promise. She is basically exchanging sex for a plaything. Once she got her ball back, however; the princess ran away, thinking she was free of her promise. The next day, at dinner, the frog came to the front door. As much as the princess did not want the frog to come in, her father forced her to let him in, and to keep her promise to the frog. This is a representation of power. The princess may be beautiful and innocent, but she must still obey her father. As the story goes on, it seems that the frog has more power than the princess. Everything he commands of her she must submit to, even though he is no
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