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Discuss the specific fairy tales you were acquainted with as a child (through either books or films). Think about how they were presented to you, and how you experienced their meanings. How did the actual physical surroundings of your reading/viewing space play into your reception of the tales? What were the various expectations for meanings produced by both the texts themselves, and the people who read them to you? What can you infer about the relationship between the production of meaning in the text, and the mode of reception? In other words, how is meaning altered by the teller of the tale, and by the spaces one inhabits when the tales are told. Like most children, I grew up reading and watching various fairy tales. I loved the princess stories like, Aladin, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella. Fantasizing about these make believe worlds was exiting. As a child I loved pretending to be Jasmine or Ariel. Having my mom sit down and read these fairy tales to me before I fell a sleep, opened up my imagination. I would dive into a
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