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proff. interview

proff. interview - gathered at the interview it seems that...

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Marjan Ebrahimi URI 101 10-8-07 Professor Interview Last week our class met Dr. K, who is a professor at the university. He started teaching here at URI shortly after receiving his MBA from Cornell. Dr. K teaches financial management to URI’s College of Business students. Dr. K first went to Boston College for his Bachelor’s in Security Analysis and then later came to URI and received his PHD, but he did not stop there. He then went off t Cornell and graduated with a Masters in Business Administration. As a student, Dr. K would never have seen himself as a professor. His plan was to work for a corporate business and work his way up the latter. It was while tutoring other students at Cornell when Dr. K realized his knack for teaching. When URI offered him a job as a professor, he figured he’d give teaching a chance. From the information I
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Unformatted text preview: gathered at the interview, it seems that Dr. K deeply enjoys teaching at URI and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. When asked what he believes will help a student gain success, Dr. K answered that as long as one keeps up, comes to class, asks and answers questions, and is punctual he or she is guaranteed success. He also believes that if a student is having any sort of difficult he or she should absolutely go and see the professor for help. Another piece of advice he gave the class was to attend tutoring sessions, he said that these sessions help many students pass their classes. It was very nice meeting Dr. K and I look forward to being one of his students in the future....
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