Lovemed - In"The World's Greatest Fisherman we are introduced briefly to Nector Kashpaw whose mind had gone"wary and wild We learn from our

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In "The World's Greatest Fisherman", we are introduced, briefly, to Nector Kashpaw, whose mind had gone "wary and wild". We learn from our narrator, Albertine, that Nector can only remember dates and facts, but nothing to go along with them. Discuss the implications of this, in terms of the story, and in terms of the legacy of memory, and of the "white" education that Nector received. Albertine’s grandfather, Nector, received a “white education” meaning, he went to boarding school and learned to read and write. Where-as, his brother, Eli, grew up with a native education, knowing “the woods.” Although Nector was the smarter and more successful one, (being a political leader and working with the government) “Great-Uncle Eli was still sharp, while Grandpa’s mind had left us, gone wary and wild”(19, Erdrich). This frustrated Albertine, there was so much she wanted to know. Albertine tried desperately to trigger some sort of a memory from her grandfather. “ His thoughts swam between
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