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ACS 1 pg outline

ACS 1 pg outline - -Henry is essentially planning to...

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Education of Prince Henry Thesis statement: Prince Henry is initially engulfed in a life of sin and debauchery. He hangs out with a wild group of friends and spends all of his time idling around in bars. One of the major contributing factors to Prince Henry’s education is his personal plan to shift from a hooligan to a prince. Henry has a plan to change and must rely on himself to make a complete metamorphosis. Henry’s education is also influenced by the desires of his father. King Henry would like to see his son get his act together and develop the skills and traits that are necessary to be a good prince. --It was Prince Henry’s intention all along to eventually show his true noble side, which is apparent in a monologue he makes. (1.2.202-224) --Prince Henry has been pretending to be a hooligan all along. --Henry’s logic is that if he makes everyone think he is a disappointment, he will have set himself up to look even better when he finally decides to be princely and impress everybody.
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Unformatted text preview: --Henry is essentially planning to manipulate other people in order to make himself look better.--Henry begins to show that he has a sense of responsibility as he contributes to the battle plan. (3.3.207-216)--In this passage, Henry shows that he has the ability to plan and make important decisions.--This passage indicates that Henry could possibly make a good king one day because he is able to take initiative.--At this point, it seems that Henry is in the middle of his complete change and is well on his way to becoming a respectable royal subject.--After defeating his rival Hotspur, Harry has essentially made the change from a lowlife to a brave prince.(5.4.90-112)--At the beginning of the play, Henry probably would not have had the courage to face Hotspur in a duel. It shows that he went through a critical development when he fights and defeats Hotspur.--Henry’s speech after the battle shows that he has gone through a great deal of maturity throughout the play....
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