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acs lecture notes

acs lecture notes - The changing world is a place where...

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Lecture Notes What is happiness?- just because you choose something as the source of your happiness doesn’t mean it makes you happy. Augustines confessions are an education of desire. Labels for god= Truth, Beauty, Good, God does not need your love, he just wants you to be happy (seek happiness) First comes god, then our friends, then other desires. There are no such things as evil things, just good things going wrong. The evil doesn’t lie in the things we desire, just in the way we desire them. Love is like a power of attraction. Friendship is about two souls connecting whereas sex is a temporary thing God is unchangeable The first change he will talk about is death.
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Unformatted text preview: The changing world is a place where things are mortal and die. Friends cannot make you ultimately happy. The education of desire is to get ordered love (love in the right order) If you love your friend in God you cannot lose your friend Heavens no! Black is a color, but darkness is the absence of light Stones go down, flames go up (heavenly) Our love needs to pull us toward the eternal truth. You cant make a shirt without it eventually having a hole. Just like an eye will go blind. Just like having free will means you will sin eventually!!!!!!!!!!!!! The evil is anything we choose that gets in the way of our relationship with God....
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