Justifying An Evaluation

Justifying An Evaluation - My Evaluation of The Doctor Who...

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My Evaluation of The Doctor Who Series In the past few years, Doctor Who has been a popular television series. It is broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) . The show has been an extreme success in the United Kingdom and will continue with a Christmas special on December 25, 2007, along with the fourth season in 2008 . However, many people do not know that the present Doctor Who series is very different from the ones that were produced many years ago . Doctor Who originally began in 1963 and continued until 1989, making it the longest running science fiction television series . BBC decided to continue the series again in 2005 . In order to understand further discussion, let's discuss a basic synopsis of the show's plot . The main character of the show goes by the name of “The Doctor” and travels around the world to save the universe . He comes from the planet of Gallifrey, which is a planet of Time Lords who specialize in saving the universe . They are known for making a time machine known as the TARDIS. The letters in the name stand for time and relative dimension in space . Each TARDIS has a chameleon circuit, which gives it the capability to transform into any shape or size. The chameleon circuit in The Doctor's TARDIS is broken, so his TARDIS is permanently stuck in the disguise of a 1950's police public call box. Time Lords are different from humans in the fact that once they die, they regenerate into a new body. When they regenerate, they remember everything from the previous life but have a different personality. They have a total of twelve regenerations, resulting in a total of thirteen different forms throughout their life. In the new series, The Doctor is currently on his tenth form. Little was known about The Doctor in the older series, but in some of the later episodes, we find
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Justifying An Evaluation - My Evaluation of The Doctor Who...

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