AFAM 101 2-19-08 Notes

AFAM 101 2-19-08 Notes - 2-19-08 Within the Slave Community...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-19-08 Within the Slave Community A. Authority Figures (Who do the slaves respect?) a. Elders are at the top of the list. As you grow older, you gain more respect. People were expected to respect them and follow their advice b. Religious Leaders people who are respected and have some authority. Someone that has some spiritual insight (in the eyes of the people who were slaves) c. Musicians / Story Tellers much of your life is a constant search for purpose and meaning and trying to get from one day to the next, so, people who can give you entertainment are important to you and for that reason you value them. These people help you understand and process your life d. Exceptional persons people who learned how to read and write, etc B. Family (What does family mean? How can you have family when you are sold as chattel?) a. Blood Ties b. Marriage c. Fictive Kin - people who were not your blood ties, but functioned as if they were people who served the role as relatives, but may not be related to you by blood. d. White Kin Mixing of blood in this institution, if you know you half your blood line is white, how does that effect you? C. Folktales a. "Brer Rabbit" short for brother rabbit. b. Legend of Sol Legree story told in the sea islands of Georgia D. Music two kinds 1. Secular/work songs 2. Spirtituals E. Religion a. Christianity i. "of does not equal for" ii. Theology of Hope and Deliverance iii. Balm of Gilead iv. Conjur v. Islam ...
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AFAM 101 2-19-08 Notes - 2-19-08 Within the Slave Community...

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