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Meredith Coulter Psychology 380 5 September 2007 Interaction of Factors On Thursday Evening, I attended a swim meet hosted by my former High School. Being a swimmer for 14 years, it was really interesting to me on how the factors listed really played out into the final performance. I took notes on how everything played in part and found the following: Athlete vs. Performance The athlete’s Performance varies in every meet. I noticed that especially in my younger brother. His times normally stay steady but in this meet he was feeling sick so his mental and physical strength suffered, affecting his performance. Athlete vs. Coach A coach influences an Athlete best by the relationship the two share. While the coach can definitely affect the performance, an athlete must have a degree of respect for their coach in order to make the knowledge worthwhile. While I fully respect the program at CHS, the Varsity coach seems to have little respect from the athletes. Because of this, the program ceases to mature. Athlete vs. Environment
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