Cambrian hw - Homework #3 Name: Kristina Madore Principles...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework #3 Name: Kristina Madore Principles of Biology BIOL-122 DUE April 1 to your lab instructor YOU MUST TYPE YOUR ANSWERS. For part I, please use complete sentences. One to three sentences should be able to fully answer each question. Reference: Carroll, R.L. 2000. Towards a new evolutionary synthesis. TREE 15(1):27-32. Part I. Read through Carroll (2000). You may also want to refer to your textbook. 1. What was the Cambrian explosion? The Cambrian Explosion was one of the largest radiations in history that occurred about 530 million years ago. During this time period, the types of animals on this planet diversified greatly. They evolved from simple, soft-bodied forms of the previous era, to all of the advanced phyla that are present today, like the chordates, annelids, molluscs and some arthropods. 2. Why were organisms unicellular for so much of the history of life? (Name at least 3 restrictions) The organisms were unicellular for such a long time because they had a relatively small genome. These organisms were also limited to size because during reproduction, there was a restricted amount of genetic...
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Cambrian hw - Homework #3 Name: Kristina Madore Principles...

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