Keeping Kosher

Keeping Kosher - Kristina Madore March 5 2008 Writing...

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Kristina Madore March 5, 2008 Writing Assignment 2 Keeping Kosher The Jewish tradition of eating kosher foods is widely known but seldom completely understood throughout the world. In American culture, it is one of the main food subcultures to maintain most of its identity. However, as the growth of large vendors pushes out smaller markets, the tradition of the Jewish culture, as well as many other present cultures, slowly gets pushed out as well. Eating kosher is not only the type of food, but also how it is prepared and where it is bought. As many small American subcultures fight a losing battle to keep their food system customs alive, the kosher tradition survives better than most. The large numbers of Judaist citizens in the United States keep the demand for this convention high. However, it is not just the sheer numbers that keeps this well-known ancient food tradition alive, but the perseverance of the people to keep the practice thriving that works. The traditional name of the Judaist practice of eating is Kashrut. Today, however, any food that is prepared by abiding by the laws of the Kashrut is called the more widely-known name, kosher. These foods undergo a specific determination of Jewish laws specifically outlined in the Torah. These laws include limitations on meat preparation, animal slaughtering,
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Keeping Kosher - Kristina Madore March 5 2008 Writing...

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