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chapter 2 disc 1 - 2. Get a financial planner (if can...

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Scott Piz Intro personal finance Discussion case #1(2,3,5) 1/27/07 2. Sami and Ronald’s net worth – Total debt 32,000 Total assests 55,000 Net worth – 23,000 Income splurs of 55,000 3. total debt ratio – 32,000/55,000 = .51 Month living expenditure – 55000/(55000/12) = 12 5. 6-8 step planning 1. Keep records of spending
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Get a financial planner (if can afford one) 3. Know what you are spending and know what your making 4. Know what your goals are and try to reach them 5. Understand why certain money related issues occur 6. make sure you are trying to save money not just spend all of it...
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