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Bio 310 Winter 2005 Keys Exam 1 The first page of the exam, marked “Tear off and keep this page”, contains some important information regarding exam regrades and the exam format. Please read that page again before asking us questions regarding exam format and regrades. For Exams 2 and 3 later in the term, no-regrade will be considered unless the original answers are in pen. Note that other than the keyed answer for essays was sometimes accepted if that answer answered the question. Multiple choice: 30 questions at 3 points each 90 points Fill-in questions 20 points Long, free-response 3[email protected] points and [email protected] points 49 points Total points 159 Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 1C D D 2D D D 3D C B 4C E C 5E E E 6E D E 7D C D 8A A C 9C C A 10D D C 11D D D 12C C D 13E E C 14C C E 15E E C 16D D E 17E E D 18E E E 19C C E 20C C C 21C C C 22E E C 23C C E 24B B C 25B B B 26B B B 27A A A 28D D D 29B B B 1
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30A A A ___________________________________________________________________ Short Answers: you need only the space provided for your answer (one or a few words). WRITE CLEARLY (2 points for each question ) 31. __ Gangliosides _______________ is the subclass of membrane lipids containing polar head groups with complex oligosaccharides containing sialic acid 32. ___ Amphipathic__(not ALIPHATIC) ___ compounds are defined as molecules that contain both polar and nonpolar domains. 33. Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis separates proteins by not charge – PI means NO NET CHARGE __ relative molecular weight __________ and ___ isoelectric point _________ 34. ____ theta ________________ is the constant that is defined as the number of ligand binding sites occupied divided by the total number of ligand binding sites. 35. In uncompetitive inhibition, the mechanism requires that the inhibitor binds only to the cannot bind the enzyme w/o substrate bound first ____ enzyme-substrate complex _________________________ 36. __ Hydrogen bonding __________________ is the weak interaction that provides additional support along the long axis of cellulose chains, giving a lot of rigidity to the molecule. 37. _____
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PostedE1Keys - Bio 310 Winter 2005 Keys Exam 1 The first...

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