Example+quiz+questions - Listed below are representative...

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Listed below are representative questions of the type, format and level of detail that you can expect on quizzes and exams. There is a greater number of questions given than you will see on a quiz. 1. (6 pts) Identify the following functional groups that are important in biological systems O - I R-O-P-OH _____ Phosphoryl ____ (NOT Phosphate) II O R- C -O - _____ Carboxyl ____ (NOT Carbonyl) II O 2. (4 pts) List the four Weak (non-covalent) Chemical Forces van der Waal’s Hydrophobic Hydrogen Bonds Ionic Interactions (3 pts) Describe the difference between Conformation and Configuration. Be specific. See text definitions . 3. (5 pts) Draw the amino acid Valine and circle a chiral carbon (i.e. a Chiral Center) COOH I H 3 N + -C-H i Chiral Carbon (all 4 groups are different) I C-H / \ CH 3 CH 3 4. (4 pts) What is a Zwitterion? 5. (4 pts) Using one-letter abbreviations , name 1 polar but uncharged amino acid, and 1 nonpolar amino acid NO CREDIT for other than one-letter abbreviations Polar, uncharged G, N S, Q Nonpolar L, A, P, V 1
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6. (4 pts) Using an equation
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Example+quiz+questions - Listed below are representative...

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