chapter 4 (2,3,5)

chapter 4 (2,3,5) - 3 Su should have an emergency fund...

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Scott Piz Discussion case 1 ch 5 (2,3,4,5) 2/16/07 2. When selecting a checking/savings account some major factors Sue should be considering what she is looking for. With the variety of banks/credit unions/mutual funds. Sue talked about wanting 2 accounts, one for paying bills, which would probably be best in a commercial checking account that has an online bill pay option. Second Sue wants short term savings, she should look into a bank that provides her with a decent interest rate on savings as well as the bill pay option.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Su should have an emergency fund because of the advice her brother has given her. It is possible to lose a job or end up not happy with a job. If one of these scenarios were to come up she should have at least 3 months worth or rent and food saved up so that she has time to find another job. As for the account to put her money in it should have the highest interest rate possible along with no penalties that would hurt her if she would need to take out the money. I didn’t understand how to do the last 2 problems...
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