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Please note item number 5 below, on this sheet passed out with the exams Written re-grades are due by Wednesday at 3PM. Biology 310 Introductory Biochemistry Drs. Balazovich and Ameziane Exam 2 17 March 2005 ____________________________________________________________________________ Please Read: 1. Ensure that you have 11 total exam pages . Ensure that your name is clearly written on the exam paper and the Scantron Form 2. Log all answers to questions 1-27 on scantron forms 3. Ensure that you have only one answer per question, and that all questions are answered. 4. Ensure that erasures are removed completely. Any question graded with smudges or incomplete erasures may be scored as an incorrect; we will not be responsible for correcting any answer due to sloppiness 5. Use only pencil on Scantron forms and pen on short answer/essay answers. Exams written in pencil are negated from re-grading, even if overwritten. 6. Write clearly: if we can’t read it, it will be marked incorrect . 7. All exam papers must be turned in to the GSIs, whether you finish the exam or not. 8. Regrades will be permitted in writing only to Drs. Ameziene and Balazovich. No regrades will be permitted by e-mail unless they are simple arithmetic errors. No GSI may regrade. Regrades will be accepted only until 5 calendar days after the grades are posted ( not 5 days after you see your grade). Point Values 1-23 3 points each 69 Points 24-27 4 points each 16 Short answer 25 Essay 40 Total =150 Points We will begin grading immediately after the exam. Grades may not be available until Monday. Grades will be available on Coursetools as soon as they are complete; please do not e-mail concerning grade postings as we will work as rapidly as possible to be as accurate as possible. Exam papers will likely be available Monday. You have 80 minutes to complete the exam All exam papers must be turned in by 1 PM.
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Bio310: Introductory Biochemistry Winter Term 2005 Exam Three Point Questions FORM 1 FORM 2 FORM 3 FORM 4 1C E C A 2E B D C 3A E C E 4C C E C 5E E A E 6E A C E 7E C E B 8E E E E 9C C B C 10D D E D 11A A C A 12D D D D 13B B A B 14C C D C 15D D B D ALL FORMS 16D 17C 18D 19C 20B 21D 22B 23B OR E ACCEPTED 24E 25B 26B 27B ___________________________________________________________ Essay and Short Answer: you need only the space provided for your answer. USE PEN 28. (2 points) What prediction can be made using a Hydropathy Plot? That a protein or peptide may contain transmembrane domains, and how many
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310E2KEYPOST - Please note item number 5 below on this...

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