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final newswrite - environmental issues that college...

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Scott Piz Final part 1 November 28, 2006 For my first idea I would like to cover a musical event on (or around campus) such as a band that attends the university. One person I had in mind is Jeremy Ashida and his band “the only one that could make it.” Jeremy’s phone number is 970 550 0137. I would also like to interview some people at Jeremy’s show to see how they feel about his music, as well as his other band members. Another Idea maybe would be to write about the
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Unformatted text preview: environmental issues that college campuses have going on. For example all of the trash that is found all over campus from beer cans to cigarette buts to bad test scores. I would plan to talk to landscaping and grounds group for the university, also the custodial services, to see what they find on a daily bases while keeping the grounds. I would also like to contact someone in the administration if they would have time to see I they had any plans for this issue. -30-...
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