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photovoltaics paper - The issue of determining what option...

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The issue of determining what option is best for an alternative energy source to power the world to replace the over-use of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources is a highly debated topic world-wide. Solar energy, and more specifically, photovoltaics, proves to be the most environmentally friendly, least expensive, and most reliable option being debated at the moment. The use of natural solar power seems to hold the best chance of becoming the alternative source to power the planet. Photovoltaics supplies an almost limitless resource that can be applied to many different electrical needs, from things as small as heating water for a personal to home to things as large as a power plant. It would have a definite impact on the economy of the country that it was used in. The use of solar energy would diminish the need to rely on other countries for an energy source that is only produced outside of the country you live in. Solar energy can be harnessed anywhere, and used by anyone, so there would be a noticeable effect on the economy of all nations that converted to photovoltaics. Also, it would create jobs for the citizens in the country. It would open up an entirely new field of work and opportunities for the nation. Solar energy is considered to be one of the greener alternatives. Harnessing energy from
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photovoltaics paper - The issue of determining what option...

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