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Intro Sustainability Connection : o Discuss need for alternative NRG source 1) Crude oil: expensive, limited, pollution 2) Other alternative sources being utilized—limitations There is a need for an alternative source of universal NRG which is not dependent on limited resources—we must look to nature which has had thousands of centuries to develop the most efficient means. Photosynthesis synopsis : mechanisms, origin in plants (method which is analogous to integrating photosynthetic photovoltaics), reagents; products Photovoltaics synopsis : o Definition o Development o Utilization—ability for the hybrid system, how it is presently integrated o Methods o Discuss inefficiency of non-bio means of mechanizing cells Integration : o Introduction to definition of utilizing photosynthesis into photovoltaics cell. 1) MIT thesis: actual use of photosynthetic material in a cell, or a cell
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Unformatted text preview: mimicking photosynthesis. o Discuss several methods: 1) Photosynthetic material: Pilcher with the photosystem I of spinach. 2) Mimicking: Gratzel N3 dye in DSSCs. 3) Mimicking: textile dyes as dye sensitisers; mordant dyes (Millington). • Application : Premises, Options, Pro/Con, Reality of… o The necessity to convert to different energy source—why solar energy (photovoltaics specifically) is efficient and general reasons why it can work on a global scale. *Why is solar energy the best option. o Ways in which photovoltaics are being used at present in real world application, and how they can be used in the future (integrate interview stuff). o Drawbacks—problems with converting, inefficiency, cost, etc. • Conclusion...
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