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american subcultures essay - Kristina Madore Jaime...

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Kristina Madore Jaime Warburton Academic Writing II Personal Subculture Essay August 31, 2007 My Search for a Subculture Identity Throughout my entire life, I have always been taught to avoid labeling myself with certain groups. From early years on, the idea of establishing my own sense of self and own personal beliefs has been imprinted into my mind, for what I assumed to be an indefinite, unchangeable truth. It was an undeniable truth that I found shattered easily while I was attempting to determine American subcultures’ influences upon the lives of all who knowingly acknowledge their participation in their own small societies. I slowly came to realize that a person’s sense of self is not altered when they realize they are alike others, only strengthened. I had never associated myself with others that share the same beliefs, hobbies, or pastimes as I do, but in doing so, have gained a deeper understanding of who I am as a person in American culture. In today’s society, I have noticed a steadily increasing American subculture that I know I am a part of, but had never formally associated myself with. I’m unsure if there is a name for this subculture, but I’m positive that it exists, not only in the past, but as a strong unit of individuals today. There are a substantial number of people who live in America today that are concerned
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american subcultures essay - Kristina Madore Jaime...

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