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Madore 1 Kristina Madore December 12, 2007 Jaime Warburton Academic Writing II Independent Research Rough Draft Decent Representation: Problem or Subcultural Platform? When the average American citizen thinks about the Gay subculture, they think of rainbow flags, Elton John, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They do not, however, see the struggles, the fight to be accepted as what others would deem normal, or their need to show their own sense of pride within the larger American culture. A Gay person is described as being an overt homosexual, one that openly expresses their sexuality and desire for those of the same gender, as opposed to being covert and hiding their sexuality like some homosexuals are prone to doing. This distinction is what creates the subculture; it’s what separates homosexual individuals from those that identify themselves with the Gay subculture. These openly gay individuals embrace their differences from heterosexuals, and take pride in their orientation, basing a lifestyle around their own subculture. “Gay is sometimes distinguished from homosexual in emphasizing the cultural, social and identity aspects of homosexuality” (Discovery Health). This subculture accepts who they are as individuals and forms a network of people that feel like they do about their own orientation. They surround themselves with others that share their sense of pride and with those that have the intentions of creating a better society for their subculture. They join together as one community to gain the rights as American citizens that they believe they deserve. They face many obstacles as a subculture, however. There are many people against equal rights
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Madore 2 for homosexuals and fight to keep homosexuality from becoming an accepted feature of the American culture. Issues such as adoption rights, marriage rights, discrimination, and equal opportunity rights separate the country into two halves that are pro-gay activists and anti-gay activists. The Gay community also struggles for their representation and acceptance into national and communal media. This is a subculture that is continually forced to battle discrimination, stereotypes, and under-representation. Even with all of the obstacles they face however, they manage to keep their pride and their own sense of identity. They come together as a large subculture to fight narrow-minded opponents and create their own type of community where everyone is equal and everyone has their own rights granted to them. As a subculture, the Gay community faces much discrimination. Homosexuals in general have always faced discrimination from those that disagree with their lifestyle, but Gays tend to take the most hits because of their pride in what they live their life as. These members of the community are constantly fighting for their given equal rights and battling the opposition of others. In 1998, Matthew Shepard was killed during a hate crime beating in Wyoming. This outraged the Gay community and became a uniting force between them. This occurrence was the
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decent representation - Madore 1 Kristina Madore Jaime...

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