quiz 3 key - orgo

quiz 3 key - orgo - Will this reaction proceed as written...

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Chem 221 Quiz 3 KEY 1. For each pair, circle the stronger acid or base. Then, briefly justify your choice. OH O OH O Cl vs. a) Circle the stronger acid b) Circle the stronger base NH vs. O c) Circle the stronger base H C C C H H H vs. Inductive effects from the chlorine will help to stabilize the conjugate base of this acid, making it more acidic than the non-chlorinated version. Nitrogen is less electronegative than oxygen. As such, a nitrogen anion will more basic (i.e. more reactive) than an oxanion. The carbanion with less "s-character" will be more basic, because the negative charge will be further from the nucleus. 2. a) Complete the following acid-base reaction. O + H 2 O conjugate base phenol, pKa = 9.9 b) Label the conjugate base in the reaction scheme. c)
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Unformatted text preview: Will this reaction proceed as written (pKa for water = 16)? __ YES ______ 3. Name the following molecule. Cl 2-Chloro-4-ethyl-5-methyl-heptane 4. For each pair, circle the molecule that would have the higher boiling point. vs. vs. a) b) c) vs. OH Heptane is larger than pentane, and will have more dispersion forces Branching tends to prevent effective dispersion forces. Since we're comparing molecules of equal mol weight, the less branched one usually has stronger non-covalent forces. Alcohol functional groups are capable of hydrogen bonding (a very strong non-covalent interaction), so it will be "stickier." 5. Draw a Newman projection for 1,2-dibromoethane in its most stable conformation. Br H H Br H H...
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quiz 3 key - orgo - Will this reaction proceed as written...

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