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new youth of the nation - Kristina Madore Jaime Warburton...

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Kristina Madore November 12, 2007 Jaime Warburton Academic Writing II Formal Paper # 3 The New Youth of the Nation When adults think of the traditional “punk” kids over time, their impression stays the same; these kids are the ones to challenge authority, to break all the rules, and to listen to loud music. However, what would they think of today’s punk generation? Instead of the quintessential tattoos of rebellion, they sport body art containing biblical references; they wear clothes bearing crosses and anti-abortion pictures. This generation votes, preaches, and listens to Christian metal music. These young adults and Christian punk rock activists hold the same concept of going against the grain, yet they push the boundaries for the word of the bible. “These new disciples have ripped down their parents’ white steeples and torn apart the lumber to build a half-pipe” (Sandler 6). They maintain the notion of previous rebellious generations, they rebel against conformist thought. This generation, however, are right-side activists and politically involved. This generation holds the goals of living under the word of God, preaching the Bible to non- Christians, and leaving their mark on the country and the government as a whole. These Evangelical Christian youths rebel by pushing the boundaries of church and state, and by pushing their own ideas onto those that have no direction in order to spread the Word that they live their lives by. There have been new branches of Christian churches emerging for years all over the country. These “megachurches” open for the purpose of guiding those that the conventional church discards and by leading, what they consider, misled people into the word of God. Most conservative Christian churches do not openly welcome tattoos and loud music. Megachurches
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on the other hand include all aspects of this generation’s youth. Some include current dialect, loud Christian rock bands or rappers, and maybe even a skate park. All of these establishments hold the same sense of acceptance for all who enter. No matter what social background, religious background, personal beliefs, or physical appearance, all people are initially welcomed into these
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new youth of the nation - Kristina Madore Jaime Warburton...

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