the importance of communication

the importance of communication - 1 Kristina Madore Jaime...

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1 Kristina Madore Jaime Warburton Academic Writing II Deaf Culture Draft September 22, 2007 The Importance of Communication Communication is defined as being the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs by the Webster Dictionary. Communication between individuals is the only way to get thoughts, emotions, emergencies, information, and personal beliefs relayed to others. Communication is used on a daily basis by every person in a social environment in many unique ways; different languages, environments, and cultures determine each form of communication. For a person outside the line of communication, the world becomes confusing and difficult to live in. Languages are usually the largest barrier separating people from understanding one another. The Deaf Culture has an even greater communication barrier. Not only do they speak a different language, but they are unable to hear the spoken languages of others. Also, cultures that aren’t deaf are usually unwilling to learn the Deaf culture’s form of communication, American Sign Language (ASL). There are many issues with the differences that exist while interacting with others in the world. Even on a smaller scale, communication is an important piece of living happily in everyday life. Communication is the portal for those to establish their own sense of identity within a larger culture and also to determine their own sense of self to others. It binds people together by allowing them to share certain interests and beliefs, and also allows each individual the right to establish their own sense
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the importance of communication - 1 Kristina Madore Jaime...

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