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Desire’e Winnett Childrens Literature Professor Signorotti Professor Ames (TA) A Parallel of Two Worlds Is it true that everything has two sides; not sides like a front and a back but more or less two meanings? Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass shows one world that seems to interpret to different ideas. It is as if one world completely changes from a joyous fun world full of freedom and leisure to a world of rules and structure in one time period to the next. Nevertheless, it is a dream imagined by a young girl who constantly is found trying to live in the light of two different people although, this dream holds a deeper more intricate meaning symbolizing her transition from being a child to an adult. The young girl Alice first finds her childlike self in a world subject to what many would call a disorganized madness. She encounters animals who speak, not to mention that are dressed in clothing and a landscape of misshaped objects that do not seem to fully fit together. The world is warm and bright which brings upon a feeling of happiness and relaxation even though for Alice she finds herself in complete disarray and confusion as she tries to understand how there
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is no structure or obedience. There is also no concept of time or a care for one.
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