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BIOL. SCI. 117 PROF. MADISON Biology of Organisms February 19, 2007 EXAMINATION I Follow these DIRECTIONS for full credit : 1. On top left side of answer sheet, write LAST NAME, skip one blank space, then FULL FIRST NAME. 2. Write the last 4 digits of your SSN in area marked “identification number” (columns A-D). 3. 4. Write your name and grad TA’s name on this sheet in spaces below. 5. Write color of this test on the top edge of the back side (page 2) of the answer sheet. 6. After the exam , read and sign the following statement and turn in both the answer sheet and exam. By signing below, I give my word that I have neither cheated on this exam, nor have I knowingly allowed any other person to cheat on this exam. NAME_________________________________ Grad TA______________________________ Signature_______________________________ Exam directions: There are 40 questions on the exam; alert proctors if there are missing pages. Always read all answer choices carefully before choosing the best answer based on Bio 117 course material. 1. Select the correct statement below: A. Living organisms exist in a hierarchy of units, each of which is made up of representatives having roughly equal complexity B. Photosynthesis is an emergent property of multicellular organisms C. One of the two great unifying themes in biology is that all life comes from non-living matter. D. Some but not all species are related to each other through common ancestry 2. Which of the following is false concerning Charles Darwin: A. His theory of Natural Selection included the idea that species show changes in their characteristics through time B. He had a wide range of published books including those on coral reefs, orchids, insectivorous plants, and the expression of emotions in man and animals C. He was an atheist D. His ideas on the origin of life were presented concurrently with similar ideas by Alfred Russell Wallace to the Linnaean Society of London one year before Darwin wrote his classic book “On the Origin of Species” 3. Which of the following is correct: A. Strong evidence of microevolution includes the existence of a functional coccyx in humans B. Structural homology occurs when similar structures in two organisms were derived from a single trait in a common ancestor C. Evidence of antibiotic resistance in the microorganism causing tuberculosis is strong evidence in favor of macroevolution D. The House finch/House sparrow example showed that the resident House finch in the USA caused the wing length of invasive House sparrows to increase, thus being good evidence for macroevolution 1
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4. Which of the following is an accurate statement about the History of Life: A. It took less time to evolve complex organic molecules with the capacity to replicate within a nucleated cell than it did to evolve our species from a single nucleated cell B. All the known species in the world constitute only about 10-20% of the
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Exam_1_Spring_2007_with_answers - BIOL. SCI. 117 PROF....

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