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Luis Monroy April 11, 2008 HIST 4119 The Power of the Opposition One of the most successful revolutions of the 20 th Century happened within Cuba. The success of this revolution proved to have a profound impact not just on the country of Cuba, but throughout all of the Western Hemisphere. Two examples of this impact were felt in both Chile and Nicaragua during their different ventures into socialism. The impact that Cuba had on the different countries was very important in that it gave the countries a specific road map to socialism that they could either follow or not follow. Also, the Cuban revolution created a mindset within the United States to prevent another socialist power to take hold within Latin America. The examples of Chile and Nicaragua prove that the United States took the necessary actions regardless of the danger that the country posed towards America. When Salvador Allende took power in Chile, he made a decision to try and create a socialist country that did not follow the Cuban road map. Since he was democratically elected into office rather than a violent overthrow of the residing regime, it would have been impossible for Allende to follow in the footsteps of Castro. It seems that a violent overthrow gives the right to the government to execute a complete overhaul of all aspects within the country. During the first two years that Castro was in power, Castro expropriated massive areas of the Cuban economy to try and pull Cuba away from a single-source economy. 1
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LatinRevolution#3 - Luis Monroy April 11, 2008 HIST 4119...

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