LatinRevolution#2 - Luis Monroy 3/7/08 HIST 4031 Repression...

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Luis Monroy 3/7/08 HIST 4031 Repression as a Means to an End The life of the writer Reinaldo Arenas as portrayed through the film, Before Night Falls offers unique insights into how the Cuban public perceived the revolution. Arenas was a Cuban poet and novelist who initially supported the revolution within Cuba, but was later imprisoned for his writings. This initial state of admiration towards the revolution, followed by a subsequent distrust towards the government seemed to be occurring across much of Cuba. However, the repressive techniques that the Cuban government used were not for completely selfish purposes. While what the Cuban government did towards Arenas and others is morally wrong, it seems plausible that longevity of this Cuban government might not have happened without these actions. It is very interesting that Cuba is only one of a couple of Marxist nations that has survived after the Cold War since the revolution did not necessarily have Marxism as its goal. 1 However, at the time of the revolution, it seems that this unknowing of the eventual government would garner a large amount of public support. If there is no stated outcome of what the eventual government will be, the public is free to fantasize about whichever form of government would be most favorable to him or her. It was only after Castro realized the extent that the United States would go to try and overthrow the
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LatinRevolution#2 - Luis Monroy 3/7/08 HIST 4031 Repression...

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