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Julianne Warshany College Writing 105-21 Professor von Uhl Essay #3 The Myth Behind Coach Everything has a meaning behind it; there is no such thing as a meaningless object. That being said, one can take just about any object and create a myth or meaning. A myth is a type of speech; therefore, anything talked about, that has meaning, is considered a myth. Myths are everywhere, if one can explain the meaning behind an object, then it is a myth. Even the designer Coach can have a myth behind it. When one sees the “C” symbol on a bag, everyone knows it is a Coach bag. People recognize the symbol and, consequently, whether intentional or not, they stereotype that person as being wealthy. The myth behind Coach is the fact that the upper-class people are the ones who buy the bags because those are the people who can afford it; additionally, the Coach symbol is known to be a long-lasting bag because of its history. Since Coach is a very well-known designer, it was easy to discover the myth behind the bag because everyone associates the Coach symbol with high quality, wealth, and money. Coach items have been made for over half a century, starting as a family-run workshop in a Manhattan loft. It started out with six makers who handcrafted a collection of high-quality goods with skills that were passed down from generation to generation (Coach, 1). This makes the bag durable, beautiful, and high quality but unique as well. The Coach bag was not just made in a factory by machines, it was hand-made to ensure that the amazing quality was presented in each specific bag. Many upper-class people had noticed the high quality of this durable bag and went out to find more. The people also wanted to go out and spread the word
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of this new high-quality Coach bag, which increased the popularity of the bag quite quickly. Another unique value of the Coach bag is that it originated from Babe Ruth’s baseball
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Essay #3 - Julianne Warshany College Writing 105-21...

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