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Julianne Warshany College Writing 105-21 Professor von Uhl Essay #2 Banking Concept vs. Problem-posing Education is a delicate process, but if it is done right, then both the student and teacher grow and learn from each other. Freire, the author of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, discusses two ways in which education can be taught: through the banking concept and problem-posing method. Both are very different from the one another because one is the naïve, ingenuous way to learn while the other is more acceptable and the dominant way of learning because it betters the students understanding on a certain subject while making the teacher more well- rounded and a better educator. Both, the banking concept and the problem-posing method, have results, such as a teacher and student relationship, using or not using critical thinking and being filled like “empty jars”, that, if negative, must be eradicated and proven why it is wrong. The banking concept is where the teacher lectures and the student sits, listens, and retains the information. Basically, the students are taught to read, memorize, and record. This does not allow the student to really grasp anything that is being taught. If teachers expected students to just memorize the information that the teachers are trying to instruct, then they will never fully retain the information completely and to the best of their knowledge. Students must be allowed to ask questions. If students are allowed to ask questions then the teacher can see that they are understanding what is being taught, or, on the other hand, notice that the students do not understand what is being taught. When the student does not understand, it gives the teacher the opportunity to try and guide he or she in the right direction. By not being allowed to question or interact with the teacher the students will never
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learn how to communicate. Being able to communicate can help a student become a better learner and the teacher a better educator. As a result, teachers should allow the students to ask as many questions as they need to in order to make sure that they have a good grasp on what is going on during class and, more importantly, outside of the class. Additionally, the banking concept refers to the students as being “empty jars that the
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Essay #2 - Julianne Warshany College Writing 105-21...

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